California: Napa Valley, United States
California: Sonoma Coast, United States


RouteStock is an invitation to discover the deep roots of winemaking in Napa and Sonoma, planted firmly at each step   of your journey through our vineyard sites. Every glass tells the story of Napa’s remarkable fine wine heritage, from the famous routes that wind between the vineyards, to the roots that produce its world-renowned grapes. An endeavor of  enduring Napa-based importer Wilson Daniels, RouteStock is established as a product that consistently over-delivers in quality at  a very attractive price point. 

At the core of RouteStock is our commitment to sourcing great fruit from high-end vineyards along well-known routes in the Napa Valley. We partner with a select group of dedicated grape-growers in the best viticultural areas for each of our varietals:  Napa Valley for Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, Carneros for Chardonnay, and the Sonoma Coast for Pinot Noir.  Like every aspect of RouteStock, these appellations were individually selected with care to put each varietal at the greatest advantage and make the best possible wines while also showcasing their uniqueness.   

Winemaker, Vance Rose, is a vital piece of this project. An industry veteran for nearly 40 years, Vance’s background provides us with a competitive advantage in our vineyard sourcing through the strong relationships he forged during his path to  RouteStock Winemaker. With winemaking experience in California, France, Spain and Australia, and a background in  wine retail, wholesale, winemaking and marketing, Vance has played many roles. Most recently, Vance ran the front end of  the largest cork company in the U.S., Amorim cork, putting him in daily contact with over 1,700 different U.S. wineries,  many of them in Napa and Sonoma. These roots in the region are another advantage that allows us to source every piece of RouteStock intentionally. 

We work hand-in-hand with all of our growers during the cultivation season and practice minimal intervention in our  winemaking to help the grapes show their true character, using native yeasts, natural malolactic fermentation, 100% barrel aging,  and no chemical additions. Our intent is to let the grapes and vintage tell us what kind of wine they should be – we never try to  force the wine into a specific mold, but rather serve as a guide on its journey.  

So please, join us in traveling these historic trails with every bottle of RouteStock, and experience wine the way we do in the  Napa Valley: as a way of life. 

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