California: Napa Valley, United States
California: Sonoma Coast, United States


  • Vance Rose, Winemaker

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    With one great bottle of 1959 red Burgundy, 18-year-old Vance Rose’s life changed forever. As a high school senior in Austin, Texas, Vance began reading all the books he could find on wine and frequenting his local wine bar. During college, he worked in the retail wine business and eventually opened a wine shop. With that experience under his belt, Vance started up a wholesale wine company while working for wineries to better understand the craft. In doing so, he worked for and launched several brands, including Rosemount Estate in Australia, Donum Estate in Carneros, Ehlers Estate north of St. Helena, Grieve Family Winery and Double Eagle in the Napa Valley. He has also provided winemaking and consulting winemaking for various other brands.

    In the early 1980’s Vance combined his passion for wine with a love for the culinary arts. Now a highly regarded chef, today Vance does underground and pop-up dinners through Du Jour Dining, serving his signature nine-courses of globally influenced, locally driven private dining experiences with curated pairings.

    In addition to both food and wine, Vance also worked for the largest cork supplier to wineries in the world. This experience gave him extensive contacts with leading wineries in Napa and Sonoma, from which he seeks out the best possible grapes for our RouteStock wines.

    Vance Rose, Winemaker