Famille Joly

Loire, France


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Vineyards are certified biodynamic – Ecocert & Demeter, with complete biodynamic agriculture practiced since 1981.

Clos de la Coulée de Serrant – Monopole AOC

Known to create one of the greatest dry white wines in France, the Coulée de Serrant has its own AOC and is entirely owned by the Joly family. A remarkable expression of the land, the Chenin Blanc is planted on 7 hectares of steep vineyards aging 40 to 60 years old. With steep slopes and southern exposure, the soil is composed of shale outcroppings (schist) interspersed with quartz. The site on which the vines are planted has remained under vine since 1130.

Clos de la Bergerie – AOC Savennières – Roche Aux Moines

Clos de la Bergerie is a unique interpretation of site, taking in the moderating and gentle east facing slopes of AOC Roche aux Moines. The Joly family owns 3.2 hectares of the appellation and its vineyard is 35 to 40 years old. The vineyard is comprised of the same soil composition as Coulée de Serrant: schist and quartz, but with deeper soil and milder slopes, allowing the maturity to peak just slightly later.

Les Vieux Clos – AOC Savennières

The 5.5 hectares vineyard is planted on light slopes facing east in the mountainous AOC Savennières appellation. The soil is different here, with more sand in the first 2 feet. The vines age on average between 25 and 30 years. Yields are kept at 25 hectoliters per hectare (well below the 50 hl/ha requirement of the appellation).


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Hand harvesting of each vineyard row is done in three to five separate passes, over a five-week period, with a strict emphasis on fruit maturity and flavor complexity. Once pressed, and with no decanting, the juice starts fermenting with only indigenous yeast and no cold treatments or temperature control. With great trust in nature, Nicolas Joly then ages the wine for six to eight months in large and old French oak barrels. The only remaining activity, from this point, is minimal racking and bâtonnage with topping up of the barrels. The wine does not undergo fining and only natural sulphur is added prior to bottling (no sulphur dioxide).