Familia Torres

Penedès, Spain


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DO Penedès – Penedès is the original home of the Torres family, and they’ve come to know the land over three centuries, making it their largest property. The region has a Mediterranean climate with varied altitude and soil types, ranging from 200m with silt, clay and sand, to 800m with chalky clay.

DO Priorat – Further south from Penedès is Priorat. It’s still coastal location keeps the temperatures moderate, while the surrounding mountains result in a more continental climate. The soils are locally called “licorella” – these shallow soils are the result of disintegrated Paleozoic slate.

DO Conca de Barberà – To the West of Penedès, Conca de Barberà has a transitional climate and a mixture of chalky, fluvial and slate soils, resulting from the remains of the riverbed.

DO Costers del Segre – In the North-West of Catalonia, Costers de Segre has a dry, continental climate, with very cold winters and very warm summers. Its chalky and granitic soils and varied terrain make it suited for different styles of winemaking.


DO Rioja – Rioja is one of the most famous wine regions in Spain, due to its mixed climate that includes both Atlantic and Mediterranean influences, along with its balanced soil structure.

DO Ribera del Duero – Ribera del Duero is continental with a slight Atlantic influence, and chalky and granitic soils. It is flat, but at high elevation, an unusual combination that distinguishes from other wine regions of Spain. Hot and dry days and very cold nights, resulting in large temperature variance, make old vines important for the sake of consistency.

DO Rueda – Rueda has a continental climate with high altitudes, along with low rainfall and a combination of pebbles and silty sand in the soil. Irrigation in the region is encouraged, as the soil does not retain a high amount of water. Many of the grapes grown in the region are Sauvignon Blanc, but it is also home to the indigenous varietal of Verdejo.

DO Rías Baixas – Rías Baixas, in contrast to Rueda, has an Atlantic climate with a high amount of rainfall, but the draining granite soils and pergola growing system called “parra” prevent fungal infection. Ripening can take longer due to low temperatures.


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