Clau de Nell

Loire, France

Chenin Blanc, Val de Loire IGP – 2016

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  • Introduction

    • Winter started with mild temperatures and low precipitation causing the blooming cycle to start early in the spring. March and April were unusually warm, leading to an early budbreak around April 10th. The growth slowed down in May as temperatures lowered and rainfall increased. June saw an increase in temperature and low amounts of rain. Flowering began around June 10th. Regular conditions in July and August created the perfect environment for the vine’s growth. The canopy and clusters developed well and rapidly under good conditions. The grapes reached great maturity thanks to a warm month of September. The harvest took place in idyllic condition without rain and pleasant temperatures.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Cultivation: Covering the vine stock with soil in autumn, plowing-down in spring, tilling and allowing natural grass to grow between the rows; biodynamic practices include infusions and plant decoctions applied to the vineyards according to the lunar calendar. DEMETER Certified 100% Biodynamic.
    • Vine Age: 4 years
    • Soil: Silty-clay terroir, consisting of sandstone grit and red flint on tuffeau (limestone)
  • Vintage Report

    • The climatic conditions were very beneficial for the vine, fostering the quality of the grapes. Rather mild temperatures at the start of winter ended with lots of rain towards the end of May. July and August were exceptionally dry this year compared to the last 20 years’ average, which helped accelerate the flowering process. The combination of light rain episodes and warm temperatures allowed the grapes to ripen nicely until harvest. The harvest took place in idyllic conditions without rain and during cool temperatures.

    • Harvest Date(s): Chenin Blanc harvested October 6, 7, 8, and 12th, hand-picked in 12-kilogram (26-pound) boxes and sorted in the vineyard
    • Yields: 28 hectoliters/hectare (2 tons / acre)
  • Vinification

    • Whole cluster, slowly and gently pressed in a pneumatic press. Cold settling
      followed by long fermentation with native yeast in aged oak barrel from Burgundy.

      Pruning: Guyot Mixte pruning system

    • Aging: Aged 12 months on fine lees in 5 years old burgundy oak barrels, in ancient troglodyte cellars cut into the limestone on the hillside on the property, then 6 month in stainless steel tank.
    • Bottled: Bottled without filtration or fining on April 24th, 2018, a “fruit day”
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Chenin Blanc