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  • 2021 Spring Luxury Offering

    2021 Spring Luxury Offering

  • 2021 Portfolio Edition

    2021 Portfolio Edition

  • 2020 Fall Luxury Offering

    2020 Fall Luxury Offering

    As is customary in the final trimester of the year, we are proud to launch our annual Fall Luxury Offering and look forward to spending holidays sharing the special bottles we’ve been cellaring away for the most memorable meals of the year. This year will be different in many ways. We’re facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic which has impacted so many families across this great land. Our hearts go out to all that have experienced loss over the past six months. We’ve also witnessed people across America and the world turn out in record numbers to protest racial injustice and prayer for unity and peace. Our instincts as wine professionals, however, have led us to maintain that there is no greater reason to raise a glass of outstanding wine than the spirit of togetherness, and this showcase of our ever-growing portfolio has never been more worthy of celebration.

  • 2018 40th Anniversary

    2018 40th Anniversary

    Celebrating our 40th year, Wilson Daniels has long enjoyed the spotlight when it comes to discovering and promoting some of the finest wines from around the globe, and the coming year will see us traveling to exciting locales to expand our ever-growing reach to dynamic new markets over four continents. Planning this year’s busy line-up of multi-city portfolio tours, tastings, interviews and winemaker dinners has encouraged renewed enthusiasm and energy within the company, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it all with you. Our passion for fine wine grows stronger with each breathtaking harvest and keeps evolving with every edition of our trade publication, WDQ (Wilson Daniels = Quality).

  • 2018 Bonus: The Chardonnay Spectrum Centerfold

    2018 Bonus: The Chardonnay Spectrum Centerfold

    It’s no secret that Chardonnay is the most popular wine ordered in American and the most widely planted grape in the world. It comes with a wide array of flavors and price ranges but is often generalized as buttery or boring. The “ABC” movement (“anything but Chardonnay”) was not unfounded. Chardonnay has certainly had some bad moments. But I think we can all agree that Chardonnay’s day has come again. Nowadays, it is often affectionately referred to as the “winemakers grape,” and winemakers in turn are making remarkably strong impressions on consumers.

  • 2017 Spring/Summer Issue

    2017 Spring/Summer Issue

    Springtime is upon us, or at least in California and it is by far one of the most exciting seasons. Budbreak is happening, flowering is looming and vineyards are expressing their intentions to develop. The rainfall has been intense in the Napa Valley, but the hills don’t mind as they are adorned with extreme colors of green. Spring motivates us to lean into the future with a sense of optimism; the year ahead is filled with new prospects and promise. We are proud to announce several new additions to our portfolio—Bisol, Dal Forno Romano, Maeli and Venissa are esteemed producers adding to the depth and character of our family of world class wineries and distilleries. These lovely wines have already begun to arrive at our warehouse.

  • Rosé Centerfold: The Art of Rosé

    Rosé Centerfold: The Art of Rosé

    Often overshadowed by its own hype, rosé is regularly shunted aside as being unserious wine — the stuff of summer parties and patios only. But rosé winemaking is anything but. From vineyard management to the final blend, every decision a winemaker makes is important. So let’s say goodbye to hype, and hello to rosé.

  • 2016 Fall/Winter Issue

    2016 Fall/Winter Issue

    With every season there is innovation and opportunity! Wilson Daniels welcomes the fall and winter season with great enthusiasm. It represents the harvest season literally and figuratively. The Napa Valley is buzzing with excitement as are many other wine regions around the globe. Similarly, our portfolio is yielding fruit of its own. Since our transformation approximately 18 months ago, we’ve witnessed a new found dynamism in our business and our relationships have flourished with the support of all our partners.

  • 2016 Bonus: Sparkling Wine Centerfold

    2016 Bonus: Sparkling Wine Centerfold

    Rumors run rampant when it comes to the origin of the coupe. Most often, the shape is attributed to a certain body part of some of the most famous females in history: Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour or even Helen of Troy. While it is still unknown where the exact shape comes from, these rumors have been decidedly debunked Although these glasses are no longer considered the best for bubbles, they are perfect for when you want to channel your inner Gatsby or even Marie Antoinette. Serve with a side of cake.

  • 2016 Spring/Summer Issue

    2016 Spring/Summer Issue

    We all know that time flies when you’re having fun. When your mind is engaged, and you’re energized and focused on the many tasks before you, you don’t notice the passage of time — especially when you love what you’re doing. But when you look back on these periods of time, your perception reverses. So much has happened, thinking back on so many new faces, new places, new wines and business ventures — it doesn’t seem possible that it was less than a year ago that this adventure began for me at Wilson Daniels.

  • 2015 Volume 2

    2015 Volume 2

    Domaine de la Romanée-Conti represents the essence of harmony between the vineyards and the cellars. In a place rich in history and spirituality, we are merely guardians of this estate. Domaine Leflaive and Olivier Bernstein complement one another and represent the very best from the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. I am especially proud of our Italian portfolio. Castello di Volpaia is a true treasure in Tuscany, unique, forward-thinking, reviving a hilltop village that encompasses the past as it looks to the future. Buglioni represents the very best of Valpolicella, wines that are dear to my heart. Elvio Cogno is a fabled, magical place, making wines that are absolutely at the top of their game. And Tenuta Sette Ciele captures your imagination as it looks down upon the iconic properties of Bolgheri and the Mediterranean Sea.

  • 2015 Volume 1

    2015 Volume 1

    Springtime in California is the best season: tourist season begins and the crowds at California wineries begin to swell. Growth first appears on the vines and the vineyards have a lush, green look that intensifies as the year goes on. This spring is especially exciting for Wilson Daniels as we have the addition of Champagne Gosset to our portfolio. This esteemed producer can trace its lineage all the way back to the year 1584 — 430 years ago — as the oldest Wine House in Champagne. The luxury champagnes from Gosset are world-renowned and deservedly so — they are brilliant! We will be seeing these lovely wines begin to arrive at our warehouse this spring.

  • 2014 Volume Two

    2014 Volume Two

    Welcome to the 2014 harvest season! Schramsberg Vineyards blessed the grapes in early August, celebrating the 50th harvest season for the winery. Harvest will soon commence throughout the northern hemisphere. It’s like Christmas, wine-country style — a time of intense activity and excitement, always with great anticipation, when climatic conditions are of paramount concern, and the previous 10 months can be erased in a single thunderstorm. Join me in wishing our vineyard growers a successful and sun-drenched harvest.

  • 2014 Volume One

    2014 Volume One

    It is gratifying to mention several milestones so far this year. It was 35 years ago that Aubert de Villaine walked into our office on Main Street in St. Helena, CA, to see if two ambitious young men would be competent to represent Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in the United States. Thirty-five vintages later, Wilson Daniels is extremely proud to remain the sole US importer of the Domaine, which has risen to the pinnacle of prestige and excellence in Burgundy under Aubert de Villaine’s stewardship.

  • 2013 Volume Two

    2013 Volume Two

    With the holiday season upon us, I’m proud to announce another celebration that is close to my heart — Wilson Daniels is celebrating its 35th birthday! Reflecting upon the year 1978, Jimmy Carter was president, the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl, the most popular television show was Laverne and Shirley, and Sony introduced the first portable music player — the Walkman. Win and I became partners, opened our doors for business and ultimately became a part of that year’s history. Times have changed, political figures have come and gone, technology has advanced, and the wine industry has evolved into a virtual and hashtag reality. However, the singular premise upon which our company was founded remains ever-present — quality is the keystone at Wilson Daniels.

  • 2013 Volume One

    2013 Volume One

    In spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt relative to the Sun, and the length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. The weather begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to “spring forth,” giving the season its name. Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal, and of new life (both plant and animal) being born; a metaphor for the start of better times. At Wilson Daniels, this could not be more fitting in terms of the new growth and exciting events taking place with our exceptional portfolio. It has been my pleasure to develop, pursue and grow the core essence of the Wilson Daniels vision, put into action upon my return only nine months ago.

  • 2012 Edition

    2012 Edition

    It is my pleasure and privilege to be back leading the Wilson Daniels family! The transition and timing couldn’t be better. My return to the helm at Wilson Daniels feels right for the company and for me. It’s an opportunity to reconnect, reestablish and cultivate new growth for our elite portfolio, our exceptional team and our many longtime Wilson Daniels partners. As I reflect on the previous years of success and revisit our strategic vision, a singular feature stands out in my mind and is the founding principle of Wilson Daniels — relationships. As many of you know, I value relationships and firmly believe that the nature of enduring relations is built on trust, respect and serving the needs of our partners at the highest level. This core value is being vigorously renewed and cultivated.

  • Familia Torres Brochure

    Familia Torres Brochure