The History of Cognac Lhéraud

The story of Cognac Lhéraud is a long one. The Lhéraud family has lived in the same village of Lasdoux in southwestern France since 1680. In the Lhéraud family, the art of crafting cognac and armagnac has flowed from generation to generation since 1802. According to Francois Rebel, the export manager for Cognac Lhéraud, “When you are in the cognac business you don’t work for yourself, you work for the next generation. What we sell today is not our own work because the products have been made from previous generations 30 years, 60 years, 100 years ago.” To learn more about the history of Cognac Lhéraud, please view the video below.

welcome, July 16, 2017

July 16, 2017

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