Introducing Coppersea Distilling in Hudson Valley, New York

Meet Coppersea’s master distiller Angus MacDonald, distillery manager Christopher Williams and co-founder and CEO Michael Kinstlick as they discuss that in an era of industrially produced spirits, Coppersea Distilling takes the long way around, confident in its philosophy of favoring tradition over speed and quality over volume. Coppersea is an award-winning farm distillery in the Hudson Valley that crafts fine whiskies and eaux de vie from locally sourced grain and fruit. Named for the sea of copper stills dotting New York’s Hudson Valley throughout the 1800s, this unique distillery invokes a sense of days past. Employing Heritage-Methods distilling techniques little-used over the last century, Coppersea strives to produce spirits in a manner reminiscent of 19th-century New York farmstead distilleries.

welcome, July 16, 2017

July 16, 2017

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