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Alsace Riesling–The Best in the World (or at least close)

There are countless decisions that I made in my life that I would like to have back. In 7th grade I left my bike unattended (or locked) outside a store; the time I jumped over the fence at the Acropolis in Athens, frustrated that it was closed to the public the day I was there; and the, well, the hair style I sported for most of high school.

The bike was stolen; I soon was looking down the barrel of a Greek policeman’s gun; and, well, it was a mullet.

I could go on, but that is not the point I am trying to make. I have never done the math, but I would hazard to guess that my bad decisions outweighed the good ones by at least 10-1. One of those good decisions, changed my life completely, and has affected my life pretty much every day since (and almost always in a good way).

Back when I was a sophomore in college, I decided to spend my junior year in Strasbourg, France. Due to that decision, I eventually met my wife, have traveled the world, and, hopefully, become a better citizen of the world. Another decision, made halfway through that junior year in Strasbourg, likely led to my lifelong love of wine.

Alsace Riesling–The Best in the World (or at least close)