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7 of the Best Sparkling Rosés for 2021



The spectrum of pink in wine shops this time of year is often a sight to see. Which one do you choose? VinePair recently released our top 25 rosés list to help narrow down your search for the best still pink wines. But what about sparkling rosé? As pink wine rose to the top of American minds over the past decade or so and the world began making rosé wine out of every grape imaginable, sparkling rosé is still waiting for its moment.

But while there may not be a wall of pink bubbles in wine shops (as they’re mostly shelved in the sparkling section of various regions), they deserve their come-up. Brunch with a glass of sparkling rosé just hits different, with that punch of red fruit as the bubbles settle and the perception of creaminess flooding your palate, folding into aromas of strawberries, and cutting through bacon fat and waffle toppings. A dense, deeply hued bubbly rosé can even have a little savoriness to it. making for a great cheese pairing. Sparkling rosé also has an air of playfulness that makes for great casual gatherings.

This category of wine has been on a steady incline for years now. We are drinking more sparkles, and as rosé continues its meteoric rise, it’s bringing the pink bubbly along with it. And this category is just as varied as its still hued partner. These days, it comes from all over the world and is made from both familiar and unfamiliar grape varieties. We are even seeing new DOCs created specifically for sparkling rosé in places like Italy.

So I thought I would kick off summer with a short list of bubbly pink from the many we have tasted this year to give you an example of the diversity of this category and show you some bottles you may not have seen before.


The Bisol 'Jeio' Prosecco Millesimato Rosé Brut is one of the 7 best sparkling rosés.

Prosecco is going pink! The Italian government approved this new wine category in 2020. Prosecco rosé is now an official category, and the order of the day is the Glera grape and global favorite Pinot Noir. Get ready for an ocean of this fizz, but start with this one. It has a driving saline quality that is immediately refreshing. The bubbles are mild, letting you enjoy more of the fruit that lingers beneath, and the wine smells of rose petals and raspberries. I’m telling you now that this wine goes down oh-so-smooth. So you may want to get a few bottles. Average price: $17


The Buglioni 'Il Vigliacco' Spumante Rosé is one of the 7 best sparkling rosés.

In the Valpolicella region of Italy, there is a grape called Molinara. When the wine commission removed it from the region’s blending laws due to its “perceived” unpopularity, one winemaker was so upset that he made a sparkling rosato out of this grape, called it Il Vigliacco (“The Coward”), and left a bottle on the commissioner’s doorstep. This is that wine. It’s a lazy afternoon sipper with soft and easy — yet persistent — bubbles. There’s a gentle waft of general fruitiness that is calmed by lively, natural acidity just below the bubbles. This is a quaffing sparkler if there ever were one. Average price: $28


The Pierre Sparr Crémant d'Alsace Brut Rosé is one of the 7 best sparkling rosés.

This wine doesn’t just give off a hint or a note of strawberries. It smells like you’re drinking fresh, ripe strawberries. This is an awesome example of how rich and heady a Pinot Noir can be in this form. It has rich and dense fruit, with a little bit of tannin gripping around the edges. The very active and persistent bubbles rush in to break up that intense core, making for a very refreshing, deep bubbly. Average price: $19

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7 of the Best Sparkling Rosés for 2021