Wilson Daniels Team Spotlight: Paige Carnwath

In our Wilson Daniels Team Spotlight, we take a look at the team members that make this biz what it is. Get to know Paige Carnwath, Northern California and Hawaii Area Manager, who worked at wineries in Europe before heading back to the states to work with the team, is WSET Level 3, and is now well on her way to earning the WSET Diploma. 

Paige Carnwath

WHEN YOU STARTED WORKING WITH WILSON DANIELS: I met Jack Daniels and Bob Guinn in 2013 at Chêne Bleu when I was living in Europe doing winemaking internships in France and Italy. I had an immediate connection with Wilson Daniels that brought me back to United States to work for the company in Los Angeles. Then, in 2015, Wilson Daniels moved me to Northern California.

WHAT YOU WERE DOING BEFORE WILSON DANIELS: I was working at wineries in Italy and France doing harvest, winemaking, bottling, etc.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I cover the East Bay and Central Valley markets in Northern California and the state of Hawaii. I focus on helping those markets hit their goals, gain profitability, and develop strategies to be successful within the distributor. I help market and carry out the vision of our brands by growing our visibility in those markets in prestige independent restaurants and retail shops through creative events and placements. In Hawaii, I also handle our pricing structures and budget. Most importantly, I build relationships, tell stories, educate, and inspire those around me to share in the passion of our great portfolio.

WHAT GOT YOU INTO WINE? DID YOU ALWAYS HAVE A PASSION FOR IT? Moving to California in 2005 from Maryland and visiting the wine regions in California stirred up something within me that had me fascinated and wanting to learn more about the whole process of wine. So I started studying wine and going to tasting groups that lead me to working into the industry.

WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVORITE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH WILSON DANIELS? There has been so many great moments from first meeting Jack and Bob at Chêne Bleu to company trips at our winery partners to our National Sales Meetings and more, but one that stands out is when Rocco [Lombardo, President of Wilson Daniels] called me, as he was too sick to go to the La Paulée Burgundy Festival and Gala Dinner with Jack Daniels. He asked if I would like to take his spot. Getting to experience this event with Jack and seeing the biggest names in the industry come over to our table pour us once-in-a-lifetime wines and hearing the stories of Wilson Daniels history from Jack himself was a moment in life I will cherish forever.

Paige with Chêne Bleu

WHO IS YOUR MENTOR? My mentor was my Pop Pop, who passed away in 2014. Since I was 18 and until he passed we would write letters to each other once a month talking about what was happening in our lives and give advice. I last saw him when I returned from Europe, right before I started at Wilson Daniels, when I went to visit him. He gave me advice on starting this career move and was proud of me and happy for this journey. I would also say my parents have always been great mentors to me and are always there for me.

WHAT WOULD YOUR COLLEAGUES BE SURPRISED TO KNOW? I am a certified basic mountaineer through the Sierra Club. I like to backpack into the wilderness, camp, and be at peace with nature. I have a deep love of the mountains.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE WINE? WHY? Favorite wine? Hmmm. I do not discriminate; I love them all! I think Clos de Trias, Foradori, and Chêne Bleu have a special place in my heart as these are the places I internship at in Europe.


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT, YOU KNOW, WHEN NOT IN THE OFFICE? I love vacationing in Italy. If can’t get to Italy then camping in the woods will do!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? What’s free time? Kidding. I’m usually studying for my next WSET Diploma exam or hanging out with my amazing friends and family.

Wilson Daniels, September 7, 2018
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September 7, 2018

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