The Bisol Family’s Journey to Prosecco Rosé

21st-generation grape-grower Gianluca Bisol guides a remarkable journey to the crossroads of culture, artistic splendor and history with the launch of Bisol 1542 Jeio Prosecco DOC Rosé. The Bisol family has long served as pioneers for the art of crafting Prosecco Superiore and developing a fine rosé prosecco to appeal to the upper end of the American market has been a testament to centuries of winemaking. Released in limited quantities, Bisol 1542 Jeio Prosecco DOC Rosé serves to affirm Bisol’s status as master winemakers and innovators in luxury sparkling wine. As Alison Napjus and Robert Camuto wrote for Wine Spectator in April of 2020, “Gianluca Bisol, president of Bisol, is a wine pioneer in the Prosecco Superiore hills and beyond. In addition to building their Jeio négociant line to about 165,000 cases, Gianluca and his brother Desiderio have boosted their estate vineyards tenfold for their premium wines.”

, October 5, 2020

October 5, 2020

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